Patient :
  • How long does it take to receive an email from the state upon registering?

    The state has up to 30 days to review your application. We review applications in the order in which they are received. You will be notified via email on how to proceed next after reviewed.

  • Can I register and make my payment from a phone or tablet?

    Yes. The registry has recently been updated to allow most major brand name devices to work with the registry.

  • What do I need to prove residency?

    The NJ MMP can only accept a form of utility bill, cell phone bill, or a document from the IRS/NJ State Tax Office. Any other paperwork will not be approved.

  • Can I register with a PO Box?

    No. The NJ MMP does not accept PO Boxes. All documents supplied to the NJ MMP must match your physical NJ residency.

  • The physician misspelled my name and/or address, how do I edit this information?

    You will not be able to make any corrections to your profile once the physician has entered your information. You will have to call the Customer Service Unit at 609-292-0424 between normal business hours 8AM-5PM, M-F to make any corrections.

Caregiver :
  • If I add a caregiver after receiving my NJ MMP ID, will their card be good for 2 years upon receiving it?

    Your caregiver’s effective period will begin upon their approval date and expire with the patient’s listed expiration date, regardless of the two-year period.

  • Where do I get fingerprinted for my background check?

    After adding the caregiver information into the registry, at the bottom of the page where you attach their documents, click on the link ’Print Criminal Background Check Form’. On the form is a link to set up an appointment. All appointments must be made with this form in order to successfully complete the background check.

  • I have been fingerprinted before for other reasons, do I need to be fingerprinted again?

    Yes. You must be fingerprinted again specifically for the Medicinal Marijuana Program.