Patient Registration Process

Please read this page carefully, as it contains & explains information essential to successfully registering with the MMP.

You are about to begin the patient registration process for the Medicinal Marijuana Program.

Once you submit the patient application you will not be able to return to change the information you provided. You will be able to return to Attach Documents page at later time. Please consult the patient application checklist on the MMP website for all required information you will need to provide.

In order to access and successfully complete the application process you must:

  • Have the REFERENCE NUMBER that was provided to you by your physician (this number is located on your Physician Statement form). What is this?
  • Have an email address.

  • The first step in the registry is to confirm your contact information as your physician has provided on the first page, If any information is incorrect, including misspelling or missing apartment number, please notify the Customer Service Unit in order to update the information correctly.

    Once your application is submitted, you will not be able to return to change the information you provided. You will then be prompted to the page where you are requested to upload the required documents. If you do not have all the documents at this time, you will be able to return to attach the documents at a later time.

    Please have the following documents for you and your caregiver (if applicable) in digital format (scanned) ready to upload.

  • A passport style photograph of yourself against a white solid background such as a wall. No glasses or hat. This photograph will be used for your MMP identification card.

     Note: This must be a separate photograph and cannot be present on any other form of identification.  Example

  • Government issued photo ID
  • Proof of New Jersey residency
  • Proof of Government Assistance (if applicable)
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       The fee for the MMP ID card will be $200. If you are eligible for the accepted Government Assistance Programs the MMP ID card will be $20. As per the MMP Regulations, there will be no refunds.

    If you cannot convert documents to digital format, there are entities such as your local library equipped to assist you in preparing your documents so they may be uploaded into our system.

    The size of the document cannot exceed 2MB.

    Permissible document types are: GIF, JPE, JPEG, JPG and PDF.

  • If you elect to have a caregiver, you must print the Criminal Background Check form that can be found on the 'Attach Documents' page at the bottom.